From monitoring, to data-logging devices, medical imaging, visual simulation and scientific research, PNY delivers seamless product integration solutions to help you achieve your objective of improved patient care.

    Cloud Data Storage

    PNY delivers industry leading storage and performance solutions to scale, simplify, consolidate, and automate - helping to lower TCO and maximize value out of your data center.


    From robust networks, to data centers, servers and mission critical network applications, PNY is uniquely positioned to provide turnkey flash storage and performance solutions with better costs and quicker time to market.


    PNY understands the challenges of the embedded electronic gaming market and has developed solutions that combine outstanding visualization, enhanced performance and reliability while meeting gaming security demands.


    The surveillance industry has evolved to an “always on” environment. These changes drive the need for durable systems with enhanced image quality, higher capacity video archiving, gigapixel camera recording and higher performance. PNY delivers durable storage for harsh surveillance environments.


    Heavy traffic, extreme conditions and I/O intensive applications all add to need for reliable, performance and cost-effective memory & storage solutions. PNY provides the products and expertise to deliver custom solutions for the demanding telecommunication market.


    Demand for in car entertainment, advanced driving assistance, and wireless connectivity is taking automotive designs to the next level. PNY delivers turnkey solutions to optimize your design.